Can I visit the centre before I join the waitlist?

Yes. We do ask that you make an appointment to visit the centre, so please contact the Director on 02 6372 0782 to request a tour or complete the form.

Is there a fee to join the waitlist?

No, there is no fee for joining the waitlist.

Can I join the waitlist if my baby hasn't been born yet?

Yes. When you join the waitlist you can write the baby's surname and write 'baby' or 'unknown' as the first name. Please estimate the date of birth. Once the baby is born you can contact the Director to update your details.

Do I need to call you regularly to re-confirm my interest?

No. There is no need to call to re-confirm your interest. The Director will regularly be contacting the waitlist regarding availability. You are welcome to contact us if you have any questions or update your preferences.

How early should I waitlist my child?

It is best to place your name on the waitlist as early as you can.

New Enrolments

Is there an Initial payment required to confirm an enrolment?


What will I need to provide in order to secure my enrolment?

When offered a position the Director will send you an "Offer of enrolment" email. Attached to this email will be your enrolment forms and a Direct Debit Request form.

To secure your enrolment you will need to send back the completed enrolment forms and Direct Debit Request form along with your child’s birth certificate and immunisation records.

Is there are minimum number of days required for enrolment?

No. The minimum enrolment is 1 full day.

Am I able to claim the Government rebates if I enrol with Mudgee Little Learners?

Yes. We are a registered childcare provider which means you are able to claim the Government benefit relating to your childcare.

Existing Enrolments

What's the notice period to change or end the enrolment days?

The notice period to reduce the days in an enrolment is 2 weeks written notice.

Will my child move rooms when they have a birthday?

Transitions into an older room are based on developmental readiness and availability.

Our Team

What are the staff/child ratios?

0-2 years 1:4
2 -3 years 1:5
3-5 years 1:10


What are your fees?

Daily Fees:

PackageAges (years)Cost (per day)
Nursery / Tiny Tots0 – 2$120
Toddler2 – 3$115
Junior Preschool3 - 4$110
Preschool4 - 6$110

Special Fees:

$20 Morning - 7:00 am to 8:45 am (includes Breakfast)

$40 Afternoon - 3:30 pm to 6:45 pm (includes Afternoon Tea, Assistance with Homework/Tutoring, Fully supervised).

What is included in the daily fee?

  • Food
  • Nappies
  • Formula
  • Back Pack
  • Sunscreen
  • Extra-Curricular Activities

How do I pay my fees?

Billing cycle occurs automatically, every fortnight, on the Thursday, in advance. At enrolment, we will supply you with a direct debit form. You can elect to pay your fees by credit card or direct debit. You can change your billing details at any time by notifying the Director.